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Service Charges

Service Charges

No. Particulars Service Charges
1 Cheque Book Charges

i) Rs. 2.50 per Cheque leaf

ii) Rs. 3.00 per Cheque leaf

2  Duplicate
  i) Pass Book
  ii) Monthly A/c Statement
i) Rs. 50/- ii) Rs. 5/page min Rs. 30.
3  Collection of outstation Cheques

i) Rs. 3.50/- per thousand

Min. Rs.35/- + Postage Rs.35/-.

In case of return of cheque - Handling charges

Up to 1 Lac Rs.75/-

Above 1 Lac Rs.150/- + VPL charges.

4  Stop Payment Charges Rs.100/- per instrument
5  Loan processing fees

0.5% of the sanctioned amount.


Max. Rs.5,000/- Up to Rs.20,00,000/-

Max. Rs. 20,000/- Above Rs.20,00,000/-

No charges on FD Loans.

6  Review Charges for Cash Credit

Rs.250/- per Lac or part thereof


Max. Rs.5,000/-

7  D.D. Commission


Up to Rs.1000/- Rs. 35/-

Rs. 1001 - Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 50/-

Above Rs.10,000/- to Rs. 1 Lac Rs. 1.25/- per

thousand Min. Rs.50/-

Above Rs. 1 Lac Rs. 1.0/- per thousand +

Service Tax.


Up to Rs.500 Rs.25/-

Rs.501- Rs.1000 Rs.35/-

Rs.1001- Rs.5000 Rs.40/-

Rs.5001- Rs.10,000/- Rs.50/-

Rs.10,001- Rs.1 Lac Rs.1.0/-per thousand +

Service Tax, Min Rs.50/-

Above Rs.1 Lac Rs.1.0/- per thousand + Service


8  Issue of Duplicate DD  Rs. 100/- + Commission + Indemnity Bond of   the appropriate Amount
Cheque returning charges
9 Cheque Returning Charges - Outward Cheques Up to Rs. 1 Lac Rs.100/-
Above Rs. 1 Lac Rs.150/-
10 Cheque Return Form Fee Rs.50/-
11 11. Closure of S/B (within 6 months from the date of Opening) Closure of C/A (within one year from date of opening) Rs.100/- + Unused Chq. Charges Rs.1/- per leaf. Rs.250/- + Unused Chq. Charges Rs.2.50/- per leaf.
12 12. Not maintaining Minimum Balance
i) Current A/c
ii) Saving A/c without Chq. Book
iii) Savings A/c with Chq. Book
Min Bal. Rs.2000/-
Penalty Rs.50/- per instance.
Min. Bal.Rs.200/- No penalty
Min Bal. 500/-
Penalty Rs.50/- per instance.
13 Cancellation of DD Drafts on AXIS/IDBI/APEX and ICICI
Up to 1 Lac - Rs.150/-
Above 1 Lac - Rs.175/-
Above 5 Lac - Rs.250/-
For Drafts on our bank Rs.75/- per instrument.
14 Issue of Solvency certificate 1.50% of the amount
15 Bank Guarantee 2.5% p.a. + Actual charges of the issuing bank.
16 Documentation Charges Rs.200/- Up to 1 Lacs
Rs.150/- per Lac UP TO 10 Lacs
Rs.100/- per Lac above 10 Lacs
17 Visit Charges Rs.200/- per visit to Overdue A/c
18 Inoperative Savings and Current A/cs Rs. 50/- per year.
19 RTGS/NEFT Charges Rs. 56/- per Instrument.
20 Pigmy Charges (closing within 6(months) 3% on balance amount.
21 Note Counting Charges Note Counting Charges Up to 10 strips no charges. Above 10 Rs. Per bundle.


  • Savings Deposit
  • Current Deposit
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Kalpavruksha Nidhi Deposit
  • Recurring Deposit
  • Daily Deposit

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